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Group Initiative

Outdoor Education at DM

Earn College Credit

Earn college credit for a wilderness expedition or internship. Discovery Ministries partners with institutions like Ozark Christian College to offer classes that earn credit towards graduation. DM Internships also qualify for credit with most institutions. Contact us for more info.

Interpersonal Skills Training

Our staff trains regularly in group dynamics and interpersonal skills. Leaders, managers, and educators of all kinds will benefit from a fresh look at vital aspects of group life, including conflict, personality profiles, group processing and more. Contact us to register you or your group for a training session.

Training modules include

  • Conflict-Management(Thomas-Kilmann)
  • MBTI Personality Profiles
  • Experiential Teaching Techniques(Kolb, Kalisch)
  • Reflective Listening(EMI)
  • Group Processing(Ruddy and Jacobsen, Simpson Miller and Bocher)
  • Group Dynamics(Tuckman, Kalisch).

Technical Skills Training

Our staff trains regularly in a wide variety of outdoor and adventure skills. If you want to build your personal competence in risk management and outdoor leadership, contact us for our training and certification schedule.

Regular trainings include:

  • WMA Wilderness First Responder
  • NCRC Cave Rescue
  • NASAR Search and Rescue
  • ACA Swift-Water Rescue
  • NPS High-Angle Rescue
By not knowing the trails or the itinerary or the plan, I must live out the week not day by day but moment by moment. It reminded me of the Psalmist "thy Word is a light unto my path". Sometimes God only reveals our journey a few steps at a time. Like night hiking with flashlights. But we are together and we have our daily bread and we have our maps and compasses and we have God that is enough. - Steve Johnson, YM, Osage Hills Christian Church, OK
I think challenge is something that pushes you beyond what you're used to or what you think you can do. It is something that requires added effort or skill, beyond what would be normal; maybe even outside help. It pushes us to our limits, sometimes even further than what we think our limits are! It teaches us by making us rely on outside help, or find something within us we didn't know was there. - Participant from Ozark Christian College Challenge Expedition