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Challenge Expedition

Meet Jackson

Jackson steps up to the edge of the frigid, fog-covered water wearing only water-shoes and his swim trunks. It's mid-March and the frost hasn't even melted off their tarps yet. He shoots a glance up the gravel bar past his nine companions and towards the DM instructors-- also in swimwear. Jackson is pretty nervous about being the leader of the day, but knows he must set his group up for success today.

"Everyone ready... on the count of three..." he shouts. "ONE... TWO... THREE!"

The entire group bounds and screams into the water, gasping through icy splashes-- a riot of uncontrolled laughter and clamorous screams.

Challenge Expeditions are like that. Shocking but exhilirating. Eye-opening but uncomfortable. Risky but rewarding. Discovery Ministries instructors function like the best coaches, pushing you to do more and grow faster than you would left to yourself--physically, mentally and spiritually. If you want to firmly establish a team or press your group to a breakthrough, consider a Challenge Expedition.

Trip Experiences

Group members learn and become responsible for fire-building, cooking, shelter construction, orienteering etc.  The group will drop on the river or in the woods to canoe and/or backpack for the duration of the trip.  Adventure activities such as low-ropes, high-ropes, caving, rock climbing, rappelling  and a 1-3 day solo/fast may be included. Daily reflection, debriefing, personal quiet time, and scripture memory is included.


  • Length: 6-21 days
  • 6 to 12 participants
  • DM provides everything your group needs except clothing

To schedule an expedition call toll free (866)307-1947 or email

I think challenge is something that pushes you beyond what you're used to or what you think you can do. It is something that requires added effort or skill, beyond what would be normal; maybe even outside help. It pushes us to our limits, sometimes even further than what we think our limits are! It teaches us by making us rely on outside help, or find something within us we didn't know was there. - Participant from Ozark Christian College Challenge Expedition
By not knowing the trails or the itinerary or the plan, I must live out the week not day by day but moment by moment. It reminded me of the Psalmist "thy Word is a light unto my path". Sometimes God only reveals our journey a few steps at a time. Like night hiking with flashlights. But we are together and we have our daily bread and we have our maps and compasses and we have God that is enough. - Steve Johnson, YM, Osage Hills Christian Church, OK
My group has now returned home from a seven and half day wilderness trip and I am grateful for the ministry you have provided my students. Our experience was full of difficulty and challenges. Facing the unique challenges of the wilderness is hard but provides the perfect illustration that great experiences and growth don’t come easy. As students come home and face overwhelming temptation they will also continue to make the connection that resisting sin will bring joy and blessing in their life. - Dillon Ferguson, Wilderness Trip Sponsor