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Recreational Expeditions

Do you remember those camping trips your parents took you on when you were a kid?  The one where your dad forgot how to set up the tent and your mom forgot to bring the breakfasts.  The car ride to the state park was riddled with skirmishes from the backseat of the station wagon where you and your little brother where fighting over 3 square feet of seat space that you had to share with about five tons of military surplus?  You just knew there had to be a better way to camp.  Well, now there is!  Discovery Ministries will outfit your trip and send you into the wild with a highly trained guide to an exotic wilderness location.  We'll cook, we'll guide and we'll show you how to explore the wild and the One who made it like you've always wanted to.  And you can even bring your little brother along. 

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Custom Built Trips - Consult with one of our instructors and build your own recreational expedition designed with all the right ingredients for fun, adventure and challenge.

Ronnie Beller

Ronnie Beller, Senior Instructor

WMA Wilderness First Responder, NCRC Cave Rescue, NASAR SAR-tech 3, ACA Swift-water Rescue, ACA Whitewater Instructor, NPS High-Angle Rescue, B.S. from Kentucky Christian University

Interests: whitewater canoeing, backpacking, rock climbing

To schedule an expedition call toll free (866)307-1947 or email

"When you get to experience the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, not just see it, with a paddle dipped into the gently flowing river, the roar of that same river as it descends through rapids for several hundred feet, feeling the spray as it crashes on a boulder in its descent, then again the powerful truths of God become clearer and more vibrant." - Allen Bates
I have been to Christ In Youth, Group Workcamps, Big Stuf in Florida, etc. Discovery has been the trip that has left the most lasting impression on these kids. I really think it has to do with removing them from their environment. I talk about Discovery all of the time at church. The kids and I see it as a spiritual oasis to connect or re-connect with God. - SL, Youth Minister, Illinois