Indian Creek Work Group

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DM's excellence is due in large part to generous giving over 30+ years of ministry. Help DM reach a growing number of participants with exciting and challenging teaching by defraying our costs. 

 Be a sponsor or hiker in DM's epic, annual hike-a-thon. Hikers will blast towards their mileage goals in this 24-hour fundraiser.

Take a break from all the rock climbing, canoeing and caving and have some real fun building something beautiful.

For Reservations: call toll free (866)307-1947 or email

In nearly 15 years of Student Ministry I have never been part of a camp experience where I had no complaints – except DM. DM is completely awesome at what they do and the staff they have assembled are in the right place doing precisely what God has called them and gifted them to do. - Gregory Smith, YM, Oxford University UMC, MS
If you are looking for a place for more than entertainment, this is it!!! D.M. is very unique, you are not just watching the Big Screen, you are IN THE PICTURE !!! The Staff will lead your group to new heights, challenge them , promote communication and team work and let them develop life long Relationships and Memories. Our Kids talk about CAMP all year long. D.M. is truly PRICELESS !!!! - Ken & Jackie Duncan, Youth Volunteer Counselors, Grace Community Church, AR
I think challenge is something that pushes you beyond what you're used to or what you think you can do. It is something that requires added effort or skill, beyond what would be normal; maybe even outside help. It pushes us to our limits, sometimes even further than what we think our limits are! It teaches us by making us rely on outside help, or find something within us we didn't know was there. - Participant from Ozark Christian College Challenge Expedition
I have been to Christ In Youth, Group Workcamps, Big Stuf in Florida, etc. Discovery has been the trip that has left the most lasting impression on these kids. I really think it has to do with removing them from their environment. I talk about Discovery all of the time at church. The kids and I see it as a spiritual oasis to connect or re-connect with God. - SL, Youth Minister, Illinois
My group has now returned home from a seven and half day wilderness trip and I am grateful for the ministry you have provided my students. Our experience was full of difficulty and challenges. Facing the unique challenges of the wilderness is hard but provides the perfect illustration that great experiences and growth don’t come easy. As students come home and face overwhelming temptation they will also continue to make the connection that resisting sin will bring joy and blessing in their life. - Dillon Ferguson, Wilderness Trip Sponsor
By not knowing the trails or the itinerary or the plan, I must live out the week not day by day but moment by moment. It reminded me of the Psalmist "thy Word is a light unto my path". Sometimes God only reveals our journey a few steps at a time. Like night hiking with flashlights. But we are together and we have our daily bread and we have our maps and compasses and we have God that is enough. - Steve Johnson, YM, Osage Hills Christian Church, OK