Homeschool Endeavor Trip

October 7, 2017 - October 14, 2017

Endeavor is a specially created wilderness program for high school, home-schooled students.  Discovery Ministries’ staff has created this program as an opportunity for students to use the knowledge and skills which homeschooling has instilled.  Discovery Ministries uses the wilderness setting to help participants apply what they have learned at home, stretching them to grow in a greater understanding of God and their walk with Him.  We believe Endeavor will help students reach a better understanding of leadership, healthy communication and conflict resolution, skills Discovery Ministries considers applicable for mature 



  • 8-day wilderness trip 
  • For homeschoolers, age 15 & up
  • Cost is $350
  • Trip closes at 12 participants
  • Must register by September 15, 2017 with $125 non-refundable deposit
  • Final balance & forms due September 22, 2017
  • Trip begins @ 1pm Saturday, October 7th
  • Parents invited for the final feast and celebration on October 14 @ 7 pm
  • All equipment (sleeping bags, shelters, etc) and food provided by Discovery Ministries

God trained His leaders in the wilderness. Using His creation and teaching adventure skills, the DM staff will encourage you to step up and do hard things, to step out and risk being uncomfortable, to step down to put God and others first.  Using a map and compass, you will find your way through the forest or down the river. Through canoeing, backpacking, and rock climbing, you will find new strength to persevere.  By memorizing scripture and discussing Biblical concepts you will purposefully examine and reflect on God's character and His presence in your life.

Many people train hard and study diligently to succeed in a world that values power, money and physical beauty. They spend unbelievable time and money to receive trophies or certificates, which have no eternal worth. Wouldn't you rather achieve success in ways that will change your heart and your life eternally?

For Reservations: call toll free (866)307-1947 or email contact@goDM.org