Expeditions are professionally facilitated journeys away from the comforts of the campground lodges and the distractions of modern life. By entering into untamed wilderness, we re-orient and awaken to new perspectives about ourselves and God. A journey into the wild draws us out of the confused distraction of modern life and into the simplicity, beauty, and possiblity found in the unknown. By testing ourselves in the unknown of wild creation, we press into the unknown of our hearts and the heart of our Creator.

We offer two types of Expedition:

Challenge Expeditions are intense, learning experiences that test us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Knowing what you are made of binds you to the One who made you. A Challenge Expedition with Discovery Ministries is a rite of passage and an incredible bonding tool for leadership teams.

Recreation Expeditions are fluid adventures that achieve a rich mixture of excitement and rest. Awesome sights and adrenaline-inducing activies set the stage for dynamic reflective downtime. A Recreation Expedition with Discovery Ministries is a reset button for modern life that cleanses the mind and unites hearts.

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I think challenge is something that pushes you beyond what you're used to or what you think you can do. It is something that requires added effort or skill, beyond what would be normal; maybe even outside help. It pushes us to our limits, sometimes even further than what we think our limits are! It teaches us by making us rely on outside help, or find something within us we didn't know was there. - Participant from Ozark Christian College Challenge Expedition
"When you get to experience the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, not just see it, with a paddle dipped into the gently flowing river, the roar of that same river as it descends through rapids for several hundred feet, feeling the spray as it crashes on a boulder in its descent, then again the powerful truths of God become clearer and more vibrant." - Allen Bates
My group has now returned home from a seven and half day wilderness trip and I am grateful for the ministry you have provided my students. Our experience was full of difficulty and challenges. Facing the unique challenges of the wilderness is hard but provides the perfect illustration that great experiences and growth don’t come easy. As students come home and face overwhelming temptation they will also continue to make the connection that resisting sin will bring joy and blessing in their life. - Dillon Ferguson, Wilderness Trip Sponsor
By not knowing the trails or the itinerary or the plan, I must live out the week not day by day but moment by moment. It reminded me of the Psalmist "thy Word is a light unto my path". Sometimes God only reveals our journey a few steps at a time. Like night hiking with flashlights. But we are together and we have our daily bread and we have our maps and compasses and we have God that is enough. - Steve Johnson, YM, Osage Hills Christian Church, OK